Easy Operation Acrylic Bending Machine

2022-03-25 18:47:31

acrylic bending machine
Easy Operation Acrylic Bending Machine

Application:       it is widely used in signage and large acrylic products making, such as square column, widows & doors, display cabinet, fish tank, shelf and large light box edge overlapping
Model           30cm  60cm  120cm  180cm  250cm
Rated power:      500W  800W  1500W  1800W  2300W
Bending Material:  Acrylic PE PS PVC
Working thickness: 1-6mm
Rated voltage:     110V/220V


1. Cooling by water circulation to keep the temperature uniformity
2. The power equipment and water tube are connected with the two sides respectively to ensure the safety
Small volume, low cost and easy to operation.