Manual Acrylic Bender DJBA16110-3A/U

2022-03-25 18:43:11

Manual Acrylic Bender DJBA16110-3A/U

Application:       Suitable for channel letter making and acrylic letter angle type A
Bending material:  Acrylic /PVC/PS sheet ( thickness 1.5-4mm & height 0-10mm)
Bending type:     Sharp right angle bending/Round arc bending
Rated voltage:    110V-240V
Rated power:     39W/60W


1. Aluminum alloy heating plate preforms greatly on evenly heating and automatic constant temperature
2. Dioxided heating plate totally avoids getting sticked to the acrylic sheet,  and automatically adjust the angle between the acrylic sheet and heating plate
3. TPC heating elements possess advantages of rapid heating, longer service life and more safety
4.The X shape structure makes the heating plates closely cling to the acrylic sheet