Acrylic Polishing Machine DJAP16190

2022-03-25 20:43:43

acrylic polish machine
Acrylic Polishing Machine DJAP16190

Application: Suitable for acrylic letter polishing, plexiglass arts and crafts flame polishing, especially for  irregular surface polishing of the acrylic products.
Adjustable flame size:  1-18cm (different flame spray nozzles with slight differences)
Gas production: 100L/Hour
Rated power: 300W
Rated voltage: 110V/220V


1). Consume water and Sodium hydroxide to generate H2 and O2 as the fuel, and the water is the only burning residue, which totally avoid the pollution both to the processed products and the environment.
2).Precise stainless steel valve and pure copper flame spray nozzle make the flame more concentric and longer (Max 18cm)
3). Constant current switcher save the electric power and improve the working efficiency
4). Portable to take to any place and easy to use, getting rid of many limitations