Multi-Function Wire Stripper- DJW16010

2022-03-25 20:39:32

wire stripper DJW16010
Multi-Function Wire Stripper- DJW16010

Application:  for wire stripping, wire cutting and terminal crimping widely used in channel letter wiring, LED wiring, indoor wiring and network wiring system
Adjustable range: 
1. Cutting wire 0.5-6mm2 (HRC40-50)
2. Stripping wire 0.2-6mm2
3. Crimping insulated terminals 1.5-6mm2 & non-insulated terminals 1.5-6mm2


1.  Multi-function tool for  wire stripping, wire cutting and terminal crimping
2.  Adjustable strength to protect the conductor
3.  Adjustable stripping length
4.  With the carbon steel blades in the middle to cut wires easily
5.  Handles made by PP inside and TPR outside stop hand sliding